Quality management system

Shaxing has the complete quality management system,independent of production;it is responsible for ensuring all the products qualified accordingly and the running of quality management system. The independent quality management dept. has QA and QC. There are several QA people who have been professionally trained for ISO9001 and are responsible for the entire production process checking and supervising, checking and releasing of the raw material, intermediates and the finished products, OOS product management and validation management, and the QA system maintenance.


QC is equipped with high efficiency HPLC, GC and photometer and other state of art equipment. QC is under GMP management from the supplier selecting, material entering the warehouse, production process, finished product releasing, sales and customer service. Therefore, the product quality is fundamentally assured and we win the trust from the customer all over the world.


In July 2000, Zhejiang Shaxing was accredited with ISO9001. In Dec., 2004, accredited with ISO14001, in Dec. 2010, HSA18001 was accredited. Furthermore, for those certificates, passing the supervising and reviewing every year.


Quality Policy:

  1. Pursuing high quality with no limitation
  2. Continuously increasing the product quality and consistently fulfill the request of the customers.
  3. Continuously increasing the product quality is the forever goal of our company.
  4. eliminate all possible hidden trouble which may affect the product quality